Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter II, Verse 43, Page 417 from God Talks With Arjuna:

"O Mighty-armed (Arjuna)! thus cognizing the Self as superior to the intelligence, and disciplining the self(ego) by the Self(soul), annihilate the foe! hard-to-conquer, wearing the form of desire"

In the explanation..Guruji wrote...

"Golden butter does not change its color when floating on water in a black or green vessel. But the water looks black or green according to the specific color of its container. Similarly, the soul's golden bliss always remains unchanged, even while floating on the dark waters of sense-identified, deluded intelligence."

Today, I felt as if I have reacted as per my soul qualities...if the same situation had occurred a year ago, I would have lost my temper...Today, I was cool and able to handle the situation. So, it was soul's bliss!!


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