Monday, July 27, 2009

My thought touches you....

I enter the room of silence with strife,
Recollect my meeting with you.
I rejoice for its importance in my life.
Static of mind radio difficult to tune,
Each and every time my thought touches you.

The cosmic sound flows from the cask,
Unable to hear from my materialistic masks,
Pacifying my restless limbs, I nod
Following the breath, energy touches the pod
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Chills down the spine, maintaining poise,
Thats the wonder of Kriya and also my choice!
Millions of stars, suns, planets and the red hat,
Calmly working without any matte,
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Suddenly, I see you meditating,
Amidst millions of galaxies scintillating
My soul oozes with gratitude
And says, "Thank you!"
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Amazing! Peace all over,
Body still and mind gratified,
I look beyond the stars and Aum,
Beyond senses, beyond finite, beyond now,
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Hare Krishna!
This is what happens to me during my meditations...!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

12th JUNE 2009 - 14th June 2009

The retreat started on Friday, 12th June 09, at 11 o'clock with few Cosmic Chants and hour of meditation.It was followed by lunch and evening session started at 5.30pm with energization exercises followed by meditation till 7.30pm.
After Dinner video of Daya Mata was shown sharing her experiences with Guruji which were highly motivating.

Second day morning the session started with energization exercises at 6.30am followed by cosmic chants and meditation till 8.30am. After breakfast there was mid morning meditation and satsang from 11 am to 1pm. In this Satsang, the chapter - Acquiring Attunement With the Source of Success from Guruji's book Journey to Self Relization was read. Hang-Sau and Aum Technique were reviewed.
Evening Session started at 5.30pm with energisation exercises and long meditation till 8pm.

The last day started with energisation exercises at 6.30am followed by cosmic chants and meditation till 8.30pm. The last session ended with satsang and meditation from 10.30am to 12.30am.

Satsang and meditation sessions were conducted by Mrs.Geeta Pai. Her wonderful voice added to vibrations of Guruji's chants multiplied our devotion.

It was a wonderful first time retreat experience for us and we really felt Guruji's vibrations and the motivation to meditate longer than usual time. We are looking forward for more such retreats.....

Friday, July 10, 2009


I get up from slumber but still long for sleep!
I sit with my eyes closed pondering if I could postpone my duties.
The sentience seems to help me to make my decision

And I hit the sack again!

Suddenly, I find a thought gushing thru my mind,
I am the deathless soul in this lifeless body, I don’t need sleep!
In a jiffy, I’m out from the bed with the thought that made my day.
Momentarily, I find to have regained my lost kingdom of infinity.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This moment ticks away as I helplessly wait and watch another sunset,
Water drop on lotus leaf sheds away into ocean of tranquility,
The orange yellow sunlight disappears as I get lost into oblivion,
The crocking frog jumps into the puddle for grub and
With feeling of emptiness I leave the shores…

Wonder?..who made this drama so real?
True to sight, true to touch, true to senses?
Is it really real?,
I wonder….

Walking through the doors of peace, I hear,
“The real is unreal and the unreal real…
Will you follow me? I will take you to the shores of reality.”
With the awe I looked back, looked all around, found none.
Maybe that was Guruji, I sensed.
Sure, I will follow you,
Lead me to the shores of eternity where the moments don’t tick away helplessly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


You led my way to peace
You led my way out of delusion
You led my way to happiness
You led my way out of restlessness
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

You demanded love,
You demanded sincerity,
I did not have them in plenty
Yet gave them in totality.
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

As a polestar to a sailor,
As a gardener to a sapling,
As a mother to an infant,
As Krishna to Arjuna, You are guiding my way to eternity.
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

From the depths of slumber you woke me with "Whispers from Eternity",
As "God Talks with Arjuna", So you talk with me
Assure me my reincarnation is nothing but "Divine Romance"
Bless me to fulfill my "Eternal Quest"
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

Today is Guru Purnima.
Salutations to my Guru Shri Shri Paramahansa Yoganandaji.

In quotes are the names of books written by Yoganandaji.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I saw you at Niagara meditating calmly,
Amidst the rush of water and the din of the fall, you seem to be unperturbed.
With poise and serenity you meditate and I stare awfully.
Touching your feet, I feel the current, Touching your fingers, I feel the grip,
Encircling around you, I venerate.

I sit beside you with my gaze fixed on you,
I sit to meditate with you but my little mind goes places instantly.
As I see and hear the Niagara, I feel sense of peace.
You seem to be steadfast and I in awe being with you….

Words don’t express my love,
Actions don’t express it either.
For this love is difficult to find…
But my thought and feelings do it all.

NEXT, I meet you at Niagara,
O Krishna! Bless me!
Bless me to rise above this materialistic world,
Conquer my enemies and regain my lost kingdom of peace.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Karma and Desire made me take this body,
Anger and sorrow have taken over this from me.
I feel helpless recognizing my own follies
It’s the time to fight back; it’s the time to strike back my old enemies.

The veil of Maya is difficult to uncover,
I try from one end but it catches me at another
O Krishna! Why have you created this?
That which succeeds to separate us?
My battle will sometime come to an end.

With an only option to win, is sigh of relief.


Unequalled are the moments of life, as I drift on the sea of uncertainty,
Incidents and circumstances wail through with a bang or whimper,
I pass the tests gladly or lament.

Time a big delusion, keeps me ever engrossed in this earthly sorjon,
My actions, duties, responsibilities float on the clouds of desires.
With ever increasing desire for peace, I march from this battlefield to myself.
All alone in this travel, I am bewildered,
But there, I find a ray of hope that leads me to infinity.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I told Life, you are difficult to comprehend
Life told, don’t comprehend, just live and enjoy.

I told Life, you are partial,
Life told, I have been partial to give best to you.

I told Life, you are dreadful,
Life told, Your traits turn you away from being amazing.

I told Life, you are full of sorrow and disease,
Life told, It is you who loose happiness in the swirl of money.

I told Life, you are not what I wished for,
Life told, It is through me all your wishes will be granted.