Sunday, December 13, 2009


Guruji wrote the following...a wonderful one!


"I make up my mind never more to wear anger on my face.
I will not inject the poison of anger in the heart of my peace
and thus kill my spiritual life.

I will be angry only with anger and with nothing else. I cannot be angry
with anyone because the good and the bad both are divine brethren,
born of my one divine Father.

I will calm the wrath of others by the good example of my tranquility, especially when I see my brothers suffering from the delirium of anger.

Teach me not to kindle anger and thus devastate with the conflagration of wrath the green oasis of peace within me and in others.Teach me rather to extinguish anger with the torrents of my unceasing love.

Heavenly Father, command the lake of my kindness ever to remain undisturbed by the storm of misery-making anger."

(from Metaphysical Meditations)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Chapter IV VERSE 34

"Understand this! By surrendering thyself (to the guru), by questioning (the guru and thine inner perception), and by service (to the guru), the sages who have realized truth will impart that wisdom to thee"

When the devotee prays to God, he sends him a Guru. It is God who speaks through guru's voice.

In GTWA, Paramhansaji wrote that, "A disciple residing far away from the guru may practice a spiritual method of communion. The guru, one with God, is present everywhere including the wisdom-center of all men. At the end of meditation each day the disciple whould concentrate at the point between the eyebrows and visualize his guru. Thinking of him with love and devotion, the disciple should ask the questions he wants answered. If the concentration is deep, the devotee will receive silent answers to his questions in the form of accruing inner perceptions."

So the above should be followed at the end of mediations.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

BLISS out there !

I wander in the passage of time,
Tossed by the waves of duality,
On raising energy, I concentrate,
Its bliss, bliss & bliss out there!

Cobweb of thoughts, do distract,
But marvelous constellations do attract.
In singular eye, I concentrate,
Its bliss, bliss & bliss out there!

My feet go numb, body aches,
As AUM inundates,
In the star of eternity, I concentrate,
Its bliss, bliss & bliss out there!

As the time ticks, mind often flicks,
For no reason, materialism seeps,
The little self cries for attention,
I leave the bliss, bliss & bliss out there!

Into the wile world I sink,
Leaving behind the stars & AUM,
Trying to concentrate at Kutastha,
Because I know its bliss, bliss & bliss out there!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seen in the picture are my son and my grand mother. The young and the old! Body ages with time but the soul is eternal.

Chapter II Verse 13 GTWA :
"As in the body the embodied Self passes through childhood, youth and old age, so is its passage into another body; the wise thereat are not disturbed"

Finally Lord tells Arjuna to take these transitions of the body as temporary and to consider the body as "FLESHY GARMENT" which the soul discards and takes a new one...

Chapter II Verse 18 GTWA :
"Regarded as having a termination of existence are these fleshly garments; immutable, imperishable and limitless is the Indwelling Self. With this wisdom, O Descendant of Bharata (Arjuna), battle thou"

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hare Krishna!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Chapter 6 Verse 34

"For the mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Krsna, and to subdue it is, it seems to me, more difficult than controlling the wind."

Every devotee at this cross road of this doubt and confusion.

Chapter 6 Verse 35

"The Blessed Lord said: O mighty-armed son of Kunti, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by constant practice and by detachment."

This confirms that the Lord knows devotees weak point - ie the mind, and give remedy to conquer the restless mind by practice of yoga.

The following verse gives solace to all the yogi's -

Chapter 6 Verse 36

"This is My word : Yoga is difficult of attainment by the ungoverned man; but he who is self-controlled will, by striving through proper methods, be able to achieve it."

This is assurance from the Lord that sincere devotees can conquer the mind by practicing yoga.


Friday, October 30, 2009


With millions of stars around,

I float in the endless space,
Eternal Aum resonates,
Millions of light years away!

Dust, Stars, Planets and Galaxies,
All but fantasies;
My little self wanders in space,
Millions of light years away!

Light that’s in me, is in them,
Eternal light all around,
Holy Ghost all around,
Millions of light years away!

Trapped in this body, fall prey of Maya,
I lost freedom but not the light.
A demand for liberation made today,
Millions of light years away!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mind is like a sponge. If you let it absorb the consciousness of jealousy, it becomes jealous.
If you let it absorb the love for God. It will always hum HIS Divine name!
So it is upto you, where to soak this sponge into...

Today is Dhanatrayodashi. The first day of Diwali. An auspicious day to gather new things / treasure your love for God.

So let the mind be absorbed in the Love for GOD.

Hare Krishna!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter II, Verse 43, Page 417 from God Talks With Arjuna:

"O Mighty-armed (Arjuna)! thus cognizing the Self as superior to the intelligence, and disciplining the self(ego) by the Self(soul), annihilate the foe! hard-to-conquer, wearing the form of desire"

In the explanation..Guruji wrote...

"Golden butter does not change its color when floating on water in a black or green vessel. But the water looks black or green according to the specific color of its container. Similarly, the soul's golden bliss always remains unchanged, even while floating on the dark waters of sense-identified, deluded intelligence."

Today, I felt as if I have reacted as per my soul qualities...if the same situation had occurred a year ago, I would have lost my temper...Today, I was cool and able to handle the situation. So, it was soul's bliss!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009


May you be with us, ruling our hearts....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

From Autobiography of Yogi -

Page 165 -
The deeper the Self-realization of a man, the more he influences the whole universe by his subtle spiritual vibrations, and the less he himself is affected by the phenomenal flux

Page 179 -
That only which we have within, can we see without.

If we meed no Gods, its is because we harbor none.

He who imagines his animal nature to be his only reality is cut off from divine aspirations.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


1) Success is not rightly measured by the worldly standards of wealth, prestige and power. None of these bestow happiness unless they are rightly used. To use them rightly one must possess wisdom and love for God and man.

2) The sincere devotee loves God deeply whether he is nonactive and silently meditating on God, or in the midst of a whirl of outer activities. He is awake in God during all hours and in all walks of life. He does not become so deeply engrossed in material duties as to be oblivious to the inner state of divine bliss.

3) Fearlessness means faith in God: faith in his protection, His justice, His wisdom, His mercy, His love, and His Omnipresence... To be fit for Self-realization man must be fearless.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Habits, habits, habits!
Good or bad, dos or dont's, all grown from past.
Trapped in the whorl of habits,
I act, react with its bits!

I can't live without, I can live without,
All but habits that have become my bits,
Bits of my personality, Myself!
Accompanying me always.

It's in my mind, habits delight
For they rule the mind but I don't mind!
When the soul search is in light
Its not reign of habits, I remind.

The raising magical power to vanish its seeds,
In the garden of my mind, clears these weeds.
Still I feel something amiss,
Oh! Forgot my mobile, hence the hiss!!

Habits, habits, habits!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009




Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guruji said -

1)To create DYNAMIC WILL POWER, determine and attempt simple tasks and then with the confidence try to accomplish a difficult task by devoting entire will power on just one task by refusing to submit to failure.

2) During PRAYER, the DEMAND for Lord’s reply should be STRONG, the mind should be made up of “HE is going to talk with me” and with this trust, he will respond to you one day when your love for him is as great as your attachment to your mortal body.

3) When you work for God, not self, it is just as good as meditation. The work helps your meditation and meditation helps your work. This IS THE BALANCE, else with only meditation you become lazy and with only activity mind becomes worldly and you forget God.

4) God is with you every minute of your existence, and the only way to realize Him is through "Meditation".

Friday, September 4, 2009

I was down with a flu for couple of days.


My sick body is an illusion,
Sinuses blocked because of pollution,
Physical weakness, mental strain,
All in the drama, I cannot refrain.

My part got to be played well,
Amidst aches and emotions, its a hell.
Small body got to be cared,
Regardless you love or hate!

Strength of Kriya, in all nooks,
Keeps the tempo of the rook.
Struggling to keep pace with mirage of time,
It moves forward and backward for a dime.

This rook is not mine, just used to checkmate.
Once the game is over, I play the next.
A new body - pawn or rook?
I got to defend it without a second look.

The game continues, in sick or healthy,
Pawn or rook, hell or heaven,
Illusion or Reality, in life or death.
My sick body an illusion...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I could see myself in the cockpit along with Guruji (as a co-pilot). The funniest part is, I do not know how to ride(fly). With all the controls with Guruji, I am learning to fly to eternity !!! Do you want to accompany?!

I am ready for a takeoff
Flight at the runway,
There is only one way,
Its up, up and away.

Over the rainbow,
Over the clouds,
Into the blue skies,
Into the blue heaven.

Beside me is Guruji,
Copilot, leading me to eternity.
All controls stare at me,
For I know not how to ride!!

Kriya and Guruji help me,
I soar up, I find the blue
Its peace up there,
Thrilled! I thank Guruji.

Amidst the dark clouds of ignorance
I am in a hurry to perceive the Lord.
Still time! Says Guruji,
I got to gain altitude.

My flight attains new heights,
But still there is a long way to go!
Its up, up and away
Into the blue heaven.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Materialistic pursuits have taken much of my time this month. God helped me to achieve some of these. I THANK HIM for the same!

Today I was feeling very restless, bored and lonely. This is what I could write today..."He is restlessness" and...." I am He in restlessness and calmness"...

HE is present in / as matter, thought and dreams...HE is the materialism, spiritualism and everything...

I am He in the silence of mediation,
I am He in the calmness of my mind,
I am He in the tranquil moments of time,

Suddenly, He is lost in clamor of life,
He is lost in cobweb of thoughts,
He is lost in the restlessness of mind.

Oh! realized, He is not lost,For He is the din,
He is the thoughts,
He is the restlessness.

I am He in din and silence,
I am He in restlessness and calmness,
I am He now and always.

Inspiration from Shri.Paramahansa Yogananda's poem from Cosmic Chants "I am He"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is one of my favorite verses from Gita. I will be posting the others soon.

From God Talks With Arjuna-
Chapter II Verse 6
Arjuna Said -

I can hardly decide which end would be better - that they should conquer us? or that we should conquer them? Confronting us are Dhritarashtra's children - the very ones whose death would make our life undesirable!

The devotee thinks : "Should I surrender to worldly / material happiness/senses or should I conquer them by soul discrimination."
This confusion comes to devotee who has been practicing meditation for some time and feels his senses preventing him from moving away from worldly kingdom!

At such times of doubt, like Arjuna, we should ask the Lord/Guru for help.

Arjuna then says :
Chapter II Verse 7 :
With my inner nature overshadowed by weak sympathy and pity,
with a mind in bewilderment about duty, I implore Thee to advise me what is the best path for me to follow. I am Thy disciple. Teach me, whose refuge is in Thee.

An ardent devotee surely seeks the divine help.
May Lord Krishna send us such help in times of need.....

Hare Krishna!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My thought touches you....

I enter the room of silence with strife,
Recollect my meeting with you.
I rejoice for its importance in my life.
Static of mind radio difficult to tune,
Each and every time my thought touches you.

The cosmic sound flows from the cask,
Unable to hear from my materialistic masks,
Pacifying my restless limbs, I nod
Following the breath, energy touches the pod
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Chills down the spine, maintaining poise,
Thats the wonder of Kriya and also my choice!
Millions of stars, suns, planets and the red hat,
Calmly working without any matte,
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Suddenly, I see you meditating,
Amidst millions of galaxies scintillating
My soul oozes with gratitude
And says, "Thank you!"
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Amazing! Peace all over,
Body still and mind gratified,
I look beyond the stars and Aum,
Beyond senses, beyond finite, beyond now,
Each and every time my thought touches you.

Hare Krishna!
This is what happens to me during my meditations...!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

12th JUNE 2009 - 14th June 2009

The retreat started on Friday, 12th June 09, at 11 o'clock with few Cosmic Chants and hour of meditation.It was followed by lunch and evening session started at 5.30pm with energization exercises followed by meditation till 7.30pm.
After Dinner video of Daya Mata was shown sharing her experiences with Guruji which were highly motivating.

Second day morning the session started with energization exercises at 6.30am followed by cosmic chants and meditation till 8.30am. After breakfast there was mid morning meditation and satsang from 11 am to 1pm. In this Satsang, the chapter - Acquiring Attunement With the Source of Success from Guruji's book Journey to Self Relization was read. Hang-Sau and Aum Technique were reviewed.
Evening Session started at 5.30pm with energisation exercises and long meditation till 8pm.

The last day started with energisation exercises at 6.30am followed by cosmic chants and meditation till 8.30pm. The last session ended with satsang and meditation from 10.30am to 12.30am.

Satsang and meditation sessions were conducted by Mrs.Geeta Pai. Her wonderful voice added to vibrations of Guruji's chants multiplied our devotion.

It was a wonderful first time retreat experience for us and we really felt Guruji's vibrations and the motivation to meditate longer than usual time. We are looking forward for more such retreats.....

Friday, July 10, 2009


I get up from slumber but still long for sleep!
I sit with my eyes closed pondering if I could postpone my duties.
The sentience seems to help me to make my decision

And I hit the sack again!

Suddenly, I find a thought gushing thru my mind,
I am the deathless soul in this lifeless body, I don’t need sleep!
In a jiffy, I’m out from the bed with the thought that made my day.
Momentarily, I find to have regained my lost kingdom of infinity.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


This moment ticks away as I helplessly wait and watch another sunset,
Water drop on lotus leaf sheds away into ocean of tranquility,
The orange yellow sunlight disappears as I get lost into oblivion,
The crocking frog jumps into the puddle for grub and
With feeling of emptiness I leave the shores…

Wonder?..who made this drama so real?
True to sight, true to touch, true to senses?
Is it really real?,
I wonder….

Walking through the doors of peace, I hear,
“The real is unreal and the unreal real…
Will you follow me? I will take you to the shores of reality.”
With the awe I looked back, looked all around, found none.
Maybe that was Guruji, I sensed.
Sure, I will follow you,
Lead me to the shores of eternity where the moments don’t tick away helplessly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


You led my way to peace
You led my way out of delusion
You led my way to happiness
You led my way out of restlessness
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

You demanded love,
You demanded sincerity,
I did not have them in plenty
Yet gave them in totality.
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

As a polestar to a sailor,
As a gardener to a sapling,
As a mother to an infant,
As Krishna to Arjuna, You are guiding my way to eternity.
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

From the depths of slumber you woke me with "Whispers from Eternity",
As "God Talks with Arjuna", So you talk with me
Assure me my reincarnation is nothing but "Divine Romance"
Bless me to fulfill my "Eternal Quest"
I am thankful to you with all my heart and soul.

Today is Guru Purnima.
Salutations to my Guru Shri Shri Paramahansa Yoganandaji.

In quotes are the names of books written by Yoganandaji.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I saw you at Niagara meditating calmly,
Amidst the rush of water and the din of the fall, you seem to be unperturbed.
With poise and serenity you meditate and I stare awfully.
Touching your feet, I feel the current, Touching your fingers, I feel the grip,
Encircling around you, I venerate.

I sit beside you with my gaze fixed on you,
I sit to meditate with you but my little mind goes places instantly.
As I see and hear the Niagara, I feel sense of peace.
You seem to be steadfast and I in awe being with you….

Words don’t express my love,
Actions don’t express it either.
For this love is difficult to find…
But my thought and feelings do it all.

NEXT, I meet you at Niagara,
O Krishna! Bless me!
Bless me to rise above this materialistic world,
Conquer my enemies and regain my lost kingdom of peace.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Karma and Desire made me take this body,
Anger and sorrow have taken over this from me.
I feel helpless recognizing my own follies
It’s the time to fight back; it’s the time to strike back my old enemies.

The veil of Maya is difficult to uncover,
I try from one end but it catches me at another
O Krishna! Why have you created this?
That which succeeds to separate us?
My battle will sometime come to an end.

With an only option to win, is sigh of relief.


Unequalled are the moments of life, as I drift on the sea of uncertainty,
Incidents and circumstances wail through with a bang or whimper,
I pass the tests gladly or lament.

Time a big delusion, keeps me ever engrossed in this earthly sorjon,
My actions, duties, responsibilities float on the clouds of desires.
With ever increasing desire for peace, I march from this battlefield to myself.
All alone in this travel, I am bewildered,
But there, I find a ray of hope that leads me to infinity.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I told Life, you are difficult to comprehend
Life told, don’t comprehend, just live and enjoy.

I told Life, you are partial,
Life told, I have been partial to give best to you.

I told Life, you are dreadful,
Life told, Your traits turn you away from being amazing.

I told Life, you are full of sorrow and disease,
Life told, It is you who loose happiness in the swirl of money.

I told Life, you are not what I wished for,
Life told, It is through me all your wishes will be granted.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I passed through the mountain of confusion
And found myself on the sea of tranquility.
With pitfalls of fear crossed,
My mind no more tossed by the gale of doubt.

The struggle is over, the path is found
With peace all over, impatience lost.
In the joy of light,
My mind relaxes on the breath of calmness.

In this spinal highway, only the breath runs,
Up or Down, the Lord controls.
In breathlessness, body a mass,
Observing silently through the window of tranquility,
My heart misses beats…

The power of Kriya, down to each cell,
Metamorphosed ill to will
In this bliss, through the eye of equanimity,
I regain my kingdom of peace.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The humdrum prevails through the passage of life
The ride so bumpy, keeps me nervy,
Money and comfort keep my mental terrain placid
But time snatches them and makes life acid.

Kinships and relationships make a mark,
But slowly pass off in the dark.
Power and position ascribable,
Fall off into obscure abyss.

What rules my life is the king of my life.
Winning and Losing his kingdom,
But the king cannot perish for he strives
In birth and death, king love rules my life!

With knowledge of the self and the spirit,
The wile self at last finds no limit,
To express its love all around
Then the humdrum ceases to surround…

Sunday, June 21, 2009


My life a big surprise!
With passing moments,
With racing
With recognizing feelings,
With sustaining relationships,
And with the Surprising Reality!
My life a big surprise!

With needs to fulfill
With wants to meet
With happiness to seek
With fading fear
And with the Surprising Play!
My life a big surprise!

In knowing the unknown,
In managing the unmanageable
In believing the seemingly unreal,
And in the Surprising Omnipresent!
My life a big surprise!

The amazing cell division,
The change through growth,
An astonishing childhood
The storm of youth,
The attack of old age
And the Surprising Death!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It would take me many more days to reach the valley of flowers!
I have to cross the mountain of fear,
Swim through the sea of sorrow,
Pass through straits of anger
To glance the beautiful flowers.

Just contemplating on the route,
I resisted the call of senses,
Opened the windows of doubt
And believed that I can reach the valley!

And lo! Through the window of super consciousness,
I can now see the valley of flowers,
Swaying merrily in the bright sunshine,
With peace apportioned,
I march forward in the path of life.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


In the garden of my mind, blossom flowers of dispassion
Grown from the seeds of penance and waters of meditation.
Slowly the blossom loses it charm in materialisms,
Its fragrance in monotony,
And loses itself in sense occupations…

Helpless I am!
For I identify myself with change,
Stuck in the bog of latent desires…
Again the season changes and its heyday..
Irrigating the soil of ignorance,
Diving deep into waters of mediation,
The flowers would blossom soon in the garden of my mind.

Its charm would captivate the soldiers of the Spirit,
Its fragrance would mesmerize humdrum,
And peace would rule the senses.

Lord, Consecrate the bloom, in the garden of my mind!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Its birthday, its celebration!
Body grows older year by year,
Mind goes fragmented with zillions of thoughts,
Weak body, confused mind, don’t let me go longer
Yet its time for celebration!

Body, a mass of flesh,
Always in the mesh of fear, anger and sorrow
But I am not this!
I am ever-existent soul…
Its birthday, its celebration!

Birth less soul buried in materialisms,
Having infinite moments to rejoice,
Confined to body seeks occasions…
Its birthday, its celebration.

17th June 09, is my son Harish's 9th birthday..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I rise from my insignificant self,
Expanding my consciousness, I reach out to Milky Way.
Billions of light years away, in darkness I sway.

With dust, planets and stars to infinity I reach.
with void and emptiness filled with Om,
Away from this little self, I open the doors of eternity.
This endless universe and deathless self of mine are all yours,
Unique & unfathomable.

I get back to myself, to my little body and restless mind.
Comfortable in my illusionary native land, yet
My quest for reality reigns….

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I & U

I am one in many, You are in many,
I am your little spark, You are the fire,
I am a little drop, You are the ocean,
I am the light, You are the source,
I am the reflection, You are the mirror,
I am the eyes, You are my sight,
I am the mind, You are my thought,
I am the sand, You are the mould,
I am the kshetra, You are kshetrajna,
I am Arjuna, You are my Krishna,
I am your daughter, You are the father,
I am the soul, You are the Spirit,
Our relationship is neither made nor broken,
I am yours now and always till eternity, O Krishna!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Grassland of Savanna fascinated me for long,
I swayed with the grass and acknowledged the refulgent sun.
As calmness made ways into my mind,
You held clenched my hand and I held it tight.

The sun beamed, grass swayed,
I heard..
“As sun protects vegetation, I, protect you”.
PROTECT? I enquired.
Gratefulness, Thankfulness did not touch me..

Like a moron, I was lost…
Blissfully, I opened my eyes of ignorance,

I find the sun shining brightly again and the thrill of Savanna treasured

During one of my meditation sessions, I could speak to the Lord at Savannah Grasslands!! Hare Krishna!


The beads stung on the thread of eternity

Gleam encompassing infinity
A wondrous site of galaxies,
Each enclosing zillion life activities.

This dazzling chain adorns you,
Impressing the onlooker, for review
Holding a bead, I am awestruck
Sense each infinitesimally small, well cared

I see myself in the pearl,
Sitting cozily in your arms,
Dancing in the waves of duality,
Confused, disappointed with my playthings.

Now, as I see myself again,
Not as a drop, but as a drop of the ocean
Feeling your presence,
I dance through the beads of time stung on the thread of eternity!

Lord wore this chain with beads of pearl. I saw it so during one of my meditation session last week. Hare Krishna!

Friday, June 5, 2009


I wish I had your contact number….

I could call you every now and, laugh, weep..for few moments…

Surreal, it seems, the world so true to senses but not you?

Oh! Lord I cannot endure for more, Reveal Thyself.

Through reality of nature, this world reinstates to me that there is nothing beyond,

Your creation reflects yourself, but where are you?

Oh Lord I cannot endure for more, Reveal Thyself.

In the world of duality, I want my eternal desire to be fulfilled,

I want to contact you now and then…in this life and beyond.

Oh Lord I cannot endure for more….

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The Ferris wheel of my life goes up and down endlessly,

Taking pace in its upturn, the thrill awaits and battle of thoughts cloud my mind.

At the zenith reaches the wheel, my desires fulfilled but I still feel scary,

With my heart pounding, I want to go back home.

Then down goes the wheel, why at all I wanted to disturb my calmness, I feel.

For small joys and excitements, I presume.

Refraining from Unnecessary desires which ruin my peace; Ferris wheel takes upturn again…

With excitement, amusement, disappointments, confusions and delusions on the way, the Ferris wheel of my life goes up and down endlessly.

Picture drawn by my 8 yr son Harish

Hanumanji represents steady mind. The flag hoisted on Arjuna's chariot had Hanumaji. So think about him, when your mind goes restless...Jai Hanuman!

Another poem...

Oh foolish mind:

Oh foolish mind don’t fret and worry

For this small life will get over in a jiffy

When your friend senses will desert you

And desires would control you in astral realms too

I would then be seeking a womb, into the new body

Pushed into this world and feel sorry

Oh foolish mind don’t fret and worry

The unreal seem to be real and the real unreal,

For your friends will rob your divine world

And herald that you are theirs,

Taking away your attention from them

You would be forever out of fury

Oh foolish mind don’t fret and worry

Incarnations and incarnations, I have been your slave,

Satisfying your fancies has taken me to the grave

Seeking pleasure in Myself, I no more heed,

For relinquishing my lost divine world is my need

Oh foolish mind don’t fret and worry

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One thought changes our way of thinking, just one thought makes
us happy, just one thought makes us sad. Just one thought makes a
lot of difference in our life.
We give prominence to that just one thought and it takes the
reigns of our life. The major drawback of this “just one
thought” is that it cannot give us perpetual happiness or
unhappiness. It is the “transitory just one thought”, never
permanent. We give it special place in our mind, heart, in our
lives and hence it rules over us for sometime.

Just try to take these thoughts as they come. Be a spectator to
these thoughts. Apply the power of discrimination and act
accordingly. The thoughts do not have any right to disturb you,
unless you have given them that privilege.

Moods affect persons day to day working, his way of thinking
too. Keep away from these mood influences. Follow certain
principles and strictly adhere to them. As per Bhagvat Gita Chap
2, verse 47, “You have the right to action alone and never for
its fruit; do not have the fruit of action as a motive, or
attachment to action.” This attachment to thought / action
keeps us anchored to this vicious circle of birth and death.

Another point of view is that we have tuned our mind to seek
inputs from our senses continuously. Mind keeps on scanning for
inputs, fetches the inputs (cognitive process starts), depending
on our experience and past samskaras, mind gives the output (the
thought) which is later converted to action. This is what we
have taught our mind to do for several incarnations and this is
what it has been faithfully doing!
But our instructions are wrong because we have not attained the
intended outcome, i.e.: perpetual happiness. Hence, we have to
reprogram the mind slowly.

By practice of yoga alone can material man overcome these
thoughts. As told by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita, Chap 9, verse
12 “If you cannot concentrate your mind finally on me, then
seek to reach Me, O winner of wealth, by repeated yoga.”

Let thoughts not control you, discipline yourself to control
your thoughts.

I sit still


I sit still, as still as I can,
With the hope to sit still, long
With attention at Kutastha, the Hong Sau begins,
My restless breath goes steady and steady
I sit still, as still as I can.

With the yellow light turning blue,
My eyeballs steady and ears on Aum,
My arms still, I feel the bliss.
I sit still, as still as I can.

My weary senses want to declare
The calmness that reigns me
With assurance that they can proclaim to the world later,
I sit still, as still as I can.

With little peace I proceed to Aum,
The audible surrounds me to my awe,
With the bright light expanding all around,
I reach Pluto 4.6 billion light years away?.. and back to my insignificance.
I sit still as still as I can
With the hope to sit still, long.

Monday, June 1, 2009



Aummmmm, the magic sound penetrates into me,
Aummmmm, the magic sound disperses from me;
From where does this come from?
In din or in silence, its Aum, Aum, Aum

Aum in office, Aum at home,
Aum at the mart and Aum in the cart,
Its Aum all around me!
From where does this come from?

In this hustle and bustle its Aum, Aum, Aum
With my deaf ears, its surprising that I hear,
From far and near, I feel Aumm has become dear;
From where does this come from?

In life or death its Aum, Aum, Aum.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lift my consciousness

Lift my consciousness

My mind torn in the worlds of duality,
Goes into abeyance of confusion;
O Omnipresent, lift my consciousness,

My body worn-out in the voyage of time,
Goes into abeyance of sickness;
O Omnipresent, lift my consciousness,

My senses born in the world of desires,
Lead me into abeyance of reincarnations;
O Omnipresent, lift my consciousness

Ferry me thru the river of delusion
to the shores of peace,
Omnipresent, lift my consciousness

Dedicated to Lord Krishna and my Guru Paramahamsa Yogananda