Sunday, December 13, 2009


Guruji wrote the following...a wonderful one!


"I make up my mind never more to wear anger on my face.
I will not inject the poison of anger in the heart of my peace
and thus kill my spiritual life.

I will be angry only with anger and with nothing else. I cannot be angry
with anyone because the good and the bad both are divine brethren,
born of my one divine Father.

I will calm the wrath of others by the good example of my tranquility, especially when I see my brothers suffering from the delirium of anger.

Teach me not to kindle anger and thus devastate with the conflagration of wrath the green oasis of peace within me and in others.Teach me rather to extinguish anger with the torrents of my unceasing love.

Heavenly Father, command the lake of my kindness ever to remain undisturbed by the storm of misery-making anger."

(from Metaphysical Meditations)

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