Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Supress BAD THOUGHTS
This is really a very easy problem to solve and I am about to show you how to suppress any bad thought: the technique is quite ancient yet still relevant...

There is a saying "You can't stop a bird from flying over your house but you can stop it from making a nest on your roof." This is true of thoughts. You can't stop the occassional negative impulse from emerging from the back of your mind but with this technique you can prevent these impulses growing into REAL thoughts.

You can stop them growing, becoming behaviours, negatively affecting your life. You can instead, make them disappear, make better behaviours, and make your life better through changing your thoughts this way...

The technique is simple. If you fight a thought, it gets stronger and the harder you try NOT to think about something the more you think about it. For example: If I tell you that you will die if you picture in your mind right now a toothpaste tube with red and blue stripes, the world "Colgate" in silver" and a little bit of toothpaste coming out of the end...you would still not be able to stop it. Try as hard as you want to not THINK ABOUT IT and you will still think about it.
The only way to "suppress" a thought is not to fight to suppress it but to REPLACE it.
Whenever you have a bad thought, think of a good, interesting, happy thought instead and REALLY think about it. Build the detail. If you process things through mental pictures, sounds, feelings then create good ones in your mind until they are clear. This cannot fail. Thoughts DIE unless you feed them. If you feed other, better ones then they will grow instead.
As the Bible says "Think on all that is good and holy." Control your thoughts and control your life.

Do it now!
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