Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is one of my favorite verses from Gita. I will be posting the others soon.

From God Talks With Arjuna-
Chapter II Verse 6
Arjuna Said -

I can hardly decide which end would be better - that they should conquer us? or that we should conquer them? Confronting us are Dhritarashtra's children - the very ones whose death would make our life undesirable!

The devotee thinks : "Should I surrender to worldly / material happiness/senses or should I conquer them by soul discrimination."
This confusion comes to devotee who has been practicing meditation for some time and feels his senses preventing him from moving away from worldly kingdom!

At such times of doubt, like Arjuna, we should ask the Lord/Guru for help.

Arjuna then says :
Chapter II Verse 7 :
With my inner nature overshadowed by weak sympathy and pity,
with a mind in bewilderment about duty, I implore Thee to advise me what is the best path for me to follow. I am Thy disciple. Teach me, whose refuge is in Thee.

An ardent devotee surely seeks the divine help.
May Lord Krishna send us such help in times of need.....

Hare Krishna!

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