Thursday, August 27, 2009


Materialistic pursuits have taken much of my time this month. God helped me to achieve some of these. I THANK HIM for the same!

Today I was feeling very restless, bored and lonely. This is what I could write today..."He is restlessness" and...." I am He in restlessness and calmness"...

HE is present in / as matter, thought and dreams...HE is the materialism, spiritualism and everything...

I am He in the silence of mediation,
I am He in the calmness of my mind,
I am He in the tranquil moments of time,

Suddenly, He is lost in clamor of life,
He is lost in cobweb of thoughts,
He is lost in the restlessness of mind.

Oh! realized, He is not lost,For He is the din,
He is the thoughts,
He is the restlessness.

I am He in din and silence,
I am He in restlessness and calmness,
I am He now and always.

Inspiration from Shri.Paramahansa Yogananda's poem from Cosmic Chants "I am He"

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