Sunday, June 7, 2009


The beads stung on the thread of eternity

Gleam encompassing infinity
A wondrous site of galaxies,
Each enclosing zillion life activities.

This dazzling chain adorns you,
Impressing the onlooker, for review
Holding a bead, I am awestruck
Sense each infinitesimally small, well cared

I see myself in the pearl,
Sitting cozily in your arms,
Dancing in the waves of duality,
Confused, disappointed with my playthings.

Now, as I see myself again,
Not as a drop, but as a drop of the ocean
Feeling your presence,
I dance through the beads of time stung on the thread of eternity!

Lord wore this chain with beads of pearl. I saw it so during one of my meditation session last week. Hare Krishna!

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