Tuesday, June 2, 2009


One thought changes our way of thinking, just one thought makes
us happy, just one thought makes us sad. Just one thought makes a
lot of difference in our life.
We give prominence to that just one thought and it takes the
reigns of our life. The major drawback of this “just one
thought” is that it cannot give us perpetual happiness or
unhappiness. It is the “transitory just one thought”, never
permanent. We give it special place in our mind, heart, in our
lives and hence it rules over us for sometime.

Just try to take these thoughts as they come. Be a spectator to
these thoughts. Apply the power of discrimination and act
accordingly. The thoughts do not have any right to disturb you,
unless you have given them that privilege.

Moods affect persons day to day working, his way of thinking
too. Keep away from these mood influences. Follow certain
principles and strictly adhere to them. As per Bhagvat Gita Chap
2, verse 47, “You have the right to action alone and never for
its fruit; do not have the fruit of action as a motive, or
attachment to action.” This attachment to thought / action
keeps us anchored to this vicious circle of birth and death.

Another point of view is that we have tuned our mind to seek
inputs from our senses continuously. Mind keeps on scanning for
inputs, fetches the inputs (cognitive process starts), depending
on our experience and past samskaras, mind gives the output (the
thought) which is later converted to action. This is what we
have taught our mind to do for several incarnations and this is
what it has been faithfully doing!
But our instructions are wrong because we have not attained the
intended outcome, i.e.: perpetual happiness. Hence, we have to
reprogram the mind slowly.

By practice of yoga alone can material man overcome these
thoughts. As told by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Gita, Chap 9, verse
12 “If you cannot concentrate your mind finally on me, then
seek to reach Me, O winner of wealth, by repeated yoga.”

Let thoughts not control you, discipline yourself to control
your thoughts.

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