Thursday, July 9, 2009


This moment ticks away as I helplessly wait and watch another sunset,
Water drop on lotus leaf sheds away into ocean of tranquility,
The orange yellow sunlight disappears as I get lost into oblivion,
The crocking frog jumps into the puddle for grub and
With feeling of emptiness I leave the shores…

Wonder?..who made this drama so real?
True to sight, true to touch, true to senses?
Is it really real?,
I wonder….

Walking through the doors of peace, I hear,
“The real is unreal and the unreal real…
Will you follow me? I will take you to the shores of reality.”
With the awe I looked back, looked all around, found none.
Maybe that was Guruji, I sensed.
Sure, I will follow you,
Lead me to the shores of eternity where the moments don’t tick away helplessly.

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