Monday, July 6, 2009


I saw you at Niagara meditating calmly,
Amidst the rush of water and the din of the fall, you seem to be unperturbed.
With poise and serenity you meditate and I stare awfully.
Touching your feet, I feel the current, Touching your fingers, I feel the grip,
Encircling around you, I venerate.

I sit beside you with my gaze fixed on you,
I sit to meditate with you but my little mind goes places instantly.
As I see and hear the Niagara, I feel sense of peace.
You seem to be steadfast and I in awe being with you….

Words don’t express my love,
Actions don’t express it either.
For this love is difficult to find…
But my thought and feelings do it all.

NEXT, I meet you at Niagara,
O Krishna! Bless me!
Bless me to rise above this materialistic world,
Conquer my enemies and regain my lost kingdom of peace.

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