Thursday, July 23, 2009

12th JUNE 2009 - 14th June 2009

The retreat started on Friday, 12th June 09, at 11 o'clock with few Cosmic Chants and hour of meditation.It was followed by lunch and evening session started at 5.30pm with energization exercises followed by meditation till 7.30pm.
After Dinner video of Daya Mata was shown sharing her experiences with Guruji which were highly motivating.

Second day morning the session started with energization exercises at 6.30am followed by cosmic chants and meditation till 8.30am. After breakfast there was mid morning meditation and satsang from 11 am to 1pm. In this Satsang, the chapter - Acquiring Attunement With the Source of Success from Guruji's book Journey to Self Relization was read. Hang-Sau and Aum Technique were reviewed.
Evening Session started at 5.30pm with energisation exercises and long meditation till 8pm.

The last day started with energisation exercises at 6.30am followed by cosmic chants and meditation till 8.30pm. The last session ended with satsang and meditation from 10.30am to 12.30am.

Satsang and meditation sessions were conducted by Mrs.Geeta Pai. Her wonderful voice added to vibrations of Guruji's chants multiplied our devotion.

It was a wonderful first time retreat experience for us and we really felt Guruji's vibrations and the motivation to meditate longer than usual time. We are looking forward for more such retreats.....

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