Thursday, September 3, 2009


I could see myself in the cockpit along with Guruji (as a co-pilot). The funniest part is, I do not know how to ride(fly). With all the controls with Guruji, I am learning to fly to eternity !!! Do you want to accompany?!

I am ready for a takeoff
Flight at the runway,
There is only one way,
Its up, up and away.

Over the rainbow,
Over the clouds,
Into the blue skies,
Into the blue heaven.

Beside me is Guruji,
Copilot, leading me to eternity.
All controls stare at me,
For I know not how to ride!!

Kriya and Guruji help me,
I soar up, I find the blue
Its peace up there,
Thrilled! I thank Guruji.

Amidst the dark clouds of ignorance
I am in a hurry to perceive the Lord.
Still time! Says Guruji,
I got to gain altitude.

My flight attains new heights,
But still there is a long way to go!
Its up, up and away
Into the blue heaven.

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