Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guruji said -

1)To create DYNAMIC WILL POWER, determine and attempt simple tasks and then with the confidence try to accomplish a difficult task by devoting entire will power on just one task by refusing to submit to failure.

2) During PRAYER, the DEMAND for Lord’s reply should be STRONG, the mind should be made up of “HE is going to talk with me” and with this trust, he will respond to you one day when your love for him is as great as your attachment to your mortal body.

3) When you work for God, not self, it is just as good as meditation. The work helps your meditation and meditation helps your work. This IS THE BALANCE, else with only meditation you become lazy and with only activity mind becomes worldly and you forget God.

4) God is with you every minute of your existence, and the only way to realize Him is through "Meditation".

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  1. Interesting blog. I too seek inspiration from Yoganada. You should see my new blog. I just started it so not much is there yet.