Friday, September 4, 2009

I was down with a flu for couple of days.


My sick body is an illusion,
Sinuses blocked because of pollution,
Physical weakness, mental strain,
All in the drama, I cannot refrain.

My part got to be played well,
Amidst aches and emotions, its a hell.
Small body got to be cared,
Regardless you love or hate!

Strength of Kriya, in all nooks,
Keeps the tempo of the rook.
Struggling to keep pace with mirage of time,
It moves forward and backward for a dime.

This rook is not mine, just used to checkmate.
Once the game is over, I play the next.
A new body - pawn or rook?
I got to defend it without a second look.

The game continues, in sick or healthy,
Pawn or rook, hell or heaven,
Illusion or Reality, in life or death.
My sick body an illusion...

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